Supports and Resistances Dynamics

This is an dynamic breakout forex system. The advantage of this system is good earnings in trending market and less drawdown.


Time frame: 15M.

Spread max:0,0001.

“The Supports and Resistances Dynamics ” method scalps pips when price breaks through major support and resistance. There is always an opportunity to grab at least a few pips and on some occasions catch a runner.



support and resistance dynamics (dyn_r_s).


Entry position: Wait for the m15 candle to close. Enter long 1 pip above the red dot of the closed candle and short 1 pip below the blue dot of that candle. You should use pending orders to ensure you enter at the correct price. Pending orders are valid until they are triggered or until another dot appears on an m15 candle.


Profit Exit: 8 pips (EUR/USD), 7 pips (AUD,USD, USD/JPY), 9 pips (GBP/USD).


Loss Exit: stop loss on high/low setup bar and the settings set a break even as we gain 5 pips.

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