Scalp Pattern

Scalp Pattern Trading System

Scalp with Bullish engulfments and Bearish engulfments

Time sensitive method

Pairs: Major with spread < 0.0001 (EUR/USD).

This Trading System is only for ECN Brokers Accounts

Rules for Scalp Pattern Strategy

Setup:On 15 minute candlestick bars, look out for bullish or bearish engulfments.

Entry: Timing window: only take trades within first hour and last hour of the trading day. For bullish engulfments: buy at market price when the white body of the current bar exceeds the high of the last dark-bodied bar (see above) For bearish engulfments: sell at market price when the current dark body of the current bar goes lower then low of the last white-bodied bar. (see above)

Profit exit Close out position for a 6-pips profit.

Stop Loss: Exit for a 6 pips loss or if the trade lasts more than 1 minute.

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