Psych level scalping Trading System

Level Scalping Strategy


Time frame: 5M.

Spread max:0,00015.

Price: Bar Chart.







Action Trade:We only use psychological levels to enter our trades. One of the main rules is NEVER TRADE AGAINST THE H1 CANDLE COLOR. Levels are on the screen every 00, 25, 50, 75, 00.

Another rule is: If H1 and D1 candle color are the same get ready to make more pips. If the colors do not agree be aware that a lot of times you just can grab a few pips (be happy with 5).


This is a level scalping strategy.You are not allowed to enter twice in 1 hour. This is to prevent you from overtrading. Remember you only need 2% a day to get rich in the future all the rest is fun but can be greedy. .

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