Scalp with Ema Predictive

Scalp with Ema Predictive 1 min chart line

Scalping with EMA

Use Line Chart.

Time frame:1M.

Currency Pairs: Majors

Spread max:0,00025.

Is best to scalp trade at the London Open (3:00AM EST) or the New York open (8:00 AM EST) because that is generally when the currency pairs will start to move more in one direction.


1 Ema (exponential moving average) Predictive, long period 25, shot period 8;

2 Ema(exponential moving average)  Predictive, long period 50, short period 15;

3 Ema(exponential moving average) Predictive, long period 100, short period 100.


Long Entry:

When the Ema 25 cross up through the 50 Ema and 100 EMA.


Short Entry:

When the Ema 25 cross down through the 50 Ema and 100 EMA.



TargetPrice: 5-10 pips

Stop loss: 9-12 pips

If your plattaform can not have EmaPredictive , you can use EMA.

Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

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